A Strong Family:

The Pferschy-Sepers are a committed team at their Heurigen and winery. Each family member knows what to do and makes sure it gets done. “Otherwise it would not work,” says Johannes Seper.

As owner and winemaker in the vineyard and in the cellar, Birgit is responsible for the organization of the winery and the team.

The charm offensive at the Heurigen and Ab-Hof-Verkauf comes from Grandpa Otto, who also supplies the regional gastronomy.

Grandma Margarete is in command of the kitchen and the Heurigerbuffet.

Daughter Kathi has a watchful eye on the garden and the decoration in the restaurant. Anna supports in terms of marketing and design, while the youngest daughter Leni is also passionate about marketing and regional products.

Birgit Pferschy-Seper
Birgit Pferschy-SeperWinemaker
Oma „Margarete Pferschy“
Oma „Margarete Pferschy“Head of the kitchen & poppyseed cake
Anna Seper
Anna SeperMarketing & Design
Kathi Seper
Kathi SeperGarden design & decoration
Magdalena Seper
Magdalena SeperMarketing & regional products
Johannes Seper
Johannes SeperHelper in the background
Opa „Otto Pferschy“
Opa „Otto Pferschy“Charm offensive & communicator